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Good Members of Society "For Newman, the educational experience makes up a significant chapter in a person's life, a chapter which provides that person the necessary knowledge to be successful in all, not simply the monetary aspects of his or her life. Newman supports the idea of university creating "good members of society." (The Idea of a University pg 65) The education which I'm receiving at James Madison University(JMU) will prepare me extremely well to be a positive, productive member of society because while here I have received quality classroom instruction, I have learned to adjust to living with other people, and have had the advantage of many extra-curricular experiences.

JMU has allowed me to obtain a valuable classroom education. First of all, the class sizes are much smaller than most colleges. It is easier for professors to keep tract of what everyone is doing. For example, my new ISAT class only has about sixteen students for lab, which makes it easier to get help, and there are fewer distractions.

A benefit to smaller classes is that they are more interactive. For instance, I enjoy having smaller classes because some classes such as English include discussion and it is easier to speak your mind and participate when there aren't too many students. Secondly, the professors are very dedicated. They are very easy to get in contact with. For example, my computer science class had a webboard where my professor was able to answer questions that we might come across while working on it. He would usually answer the question a few hours after it was submitted. The professors seem to spark an interest in their students to achieve more. For instance, I don't enjoy communications but since my professor was enthused about the assignment and all the lessons that...