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I am a fundamentalist Christian. Not a very good one, mind you. While I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, far too often I take the precepts within its pages as suggestions rather than commands. I think if I were more obedient I would be more patient, more kind, more generous. I would have more courage to speak the truth and more wisdom to speak it gently. A fundamentalist Christian should, over time, be more like Jesus of Nazareth. Think what you may about His claims to deity and salvation, Jesus is universally understood to be a good man. Most Christians who get into the weeds of theology accept the idea of progressive revelation and its implications. I believe, along with the majority of orthodox theologians, that every book of the Bible reveals more about God as scripture was recorded over the millennia. As a Christian, the Old Testament is as relevant today as are the books of the New Testament.

It is incumbent upon me to understand how to serve God in light of all revelation. I do not think that Islam is like this. It is clear that Mohammed revealed two dispensations to the faithful, one of peace and one of war. When I was a soldier, I was required to follow my last lawful order. A four star general could tell me to do one thing, and a buck corporal could order me to do another if he outranked me. While as a courtesy, I might tell the corporal of my previous orders, the fact is that if the corporals orders are lawful I am to obey. Many Muslims are adherents to the idea that the last lawful orders from Mohammed are to advance the faith by any means. Violence is just one...