The Good News Bible

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There are many times in life when you will be put into a situation you won't be sure how to handle. In those times, it would be nice if you could have someone or something to turn to for guidance. For me that guidance comes from the The Good News Bible.

The way the Good News is taught throughout the bible related to my daily life so much that it instantly became my go to not only for direction but for knowledge and wisdom.

I believe that the advice I receive from the bible will lead me to make the right decisions in life.

The Good News Bible created the groundwork of my relationship with god and made me desire more knowledge of him.

This item was given to me by my high soccer coach Dale Poole, who always knew I had a love for Christ and wanted me to strengthen my faith in him.

The Bible reveals my strong relationship with God, my love for god, and my desire for more knowledge of him.


Most of the people who know me are aware that I have a strong relationship with God.

I gave my life to Christ my junior year in high school over Christmas break.

I was at the YMCA playing basketball with some friends when I met a man named Harold, who talked to me about Christ and really got my attention.

From then on my friends and I started meeting Harold at the gym a few days a week to talk to about God. As my friends and I would talk about the problems we had in each of our lives Harold would find away to relate it to a problem someone had in the bible and how they overcame it through...