Good news is in the eye of the beholder

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the people investing in the stock market today have nothing positive to look forward to, but many negatives surround investments. in the past, money in the market was sound to some sort of profit, but things today are hardly set in stone. the most fear came from the corporate scandals that took place earlier this year. investors can no longer be as naive anymore as to buy, buy, buy, and never stop.

the scandal is just part of the problem. all of these things that are happening at once cause an even larger impact on the economy. some people feel it is wrong to purchase things when they are remembering the day when three thousand lost their lives (9/11). others are already paying higher sales tax so they do not want to waste more money to spend less. possible war shouldn't have a major impact on the consumers, but it does greatly; people's physiological way of thinking changes in a time of war.

as a result, the economy sinks even more. interest rates are dropping, and some people are probably going to save money to pay their homes off quickly. it shouldn't make much of a difference, but people end up spending less.

these many contributions that make brokers cringe, coincidentally, began to happen as we entered a new millennium. the year shouldn't make a difference, but a major event that took place that year makes a dramatic difference. president george w. bush was inaugurated. statistics show that his term has had the economy strenghtening sometimes but weakening most of the time. it may not be a presidential "thing", but presidents are chosen to represent the people, to ensure the public. it seems that the people aren't happy. the president shouldn't make a difference, but in today's world the most...