"Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)"

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1.Myself as an audience member

a.Was I prepared?

I did not read the play but I heard Ashley's play analysis of "Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)." I seemed to be a very interesting, mixing Shakespeare's plays with a contemporary one. The plot alone seemed to be very funny, so I was excited to see what the Acting II class had done with this play.

b.Was I willing?

I was willing to watch it. I showed up about 10 minutes late. I went in excited and anxious to see this performance.

c.Describe in one or two sentences your response to the performance.

The performance itself was very well done and was extremely funny. I am very glad that they did not try and make this play to be a drama because it worked very well as being a comedy. I was very impressed with the characterization and the effort and time that these students had put into their work.

II.The performance and the audience

a.What was the physical relationship between the performance and the audience?

The play was performed in the Thorneloe Theatre, which is a proscenium thrust stage. They had a lot of room to move around. We were all seating in the middle section of the seats, leaving the two sides empty (they used the aisles to exit and enter).

b.Was the audience supposed to watch or to participate in the performance?

I think that the audience was supposed to participate in that they were to laugh a lot. They were also supposed to watch the performance carefully because the main character was always changing. I believe that there were three actors that played the main character.

c.Did the performers play to the audience or only to each other?

The performance...