how to be a good parent

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How to be a Good Parent

I have heard so many parents say parenting does not come with a manual and it doesn't. Every parent, child and /or household is meant to be different and unique in its own way. Parenthood is meant to be an experience for both the child and the parent but there are some universal rules to parenting that allows parenting to be easy for both parties.

You have to be prepared to be a parent. That's the number one rule even if the child is accidental, you have to be prepared to be a parent. There are so many parents out there that did not set their mind on being prepared for the child and the child ends up feel neglected. No child is a MISTAKE even if you were raped or the birth control did not work or whatever the situation is. If you decide to keep the child you have to prepare for the child.

As the child grows up each and every day, he or she learns something new, so make sure you correct the bad attitude from the beginning. When you discipline a child at a very young age they grow up knowing what is right and wrong, what mom or/and dad wants. If a child exhibit a bad behavior from their young age and you look the other just because he or she is young, it will be hard to correct that behavior when the child grows up. If you want to enjoy the fruit of your labor, as the child grows up you correct what behavior needs to be corrected and praise the good behavior. If not, it will be hard for the parent to collect a habit that the child is accustomed to.

It is always good to...