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A GOOD SOCIETY How many people can honestly think to themselves that we live in a good and safe society? When I look around.. and see the type of people that live in this world?I get a little scared?.. scared to do certain things- scared to go certain places. With all these bad things that keep happening more and more, I no longer know what to think.

Between the main factors such as, drugs, prostitution, abortion, violence, discrimination, racism, prejudice?there are so many controversial situations that I can't seem to keep up with.

I think that we should atlas try to make society a less controversial place, because after all, it is OUR society, and we're the ones who have to deal with the consequences it brings. So why not try to make things a little better, each and every day? But then u have to consider that let alone..

Society? but the people in it who are the ones at fault here?. No one in specific?whether Ur black, white, Italian French, that's besides the point.. Its everyone put together.. it's horrible??. Too many bad things keep happening. It's not as if something bad happened every so often.? almost everyday u'll hear something crazy?.from kidnapping, to killings, to shootings. Now, considering that we're the next generation of society.. we should start trying to pick things up..because if the world continues to follow up along this path?their will be no world to live in? not a good one anyway! I know that at this age.. We're all worried.. All we acre about now, is if we're gonna some how get out of high school and make it through college? I know that's what's on my mind.. but what we have to realize is that.. that's just one of the big decisions...