The Good in Terms of Aristotle

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When I was a younger boy, I seriously hated most animals. I think I may have gotten that dislike from seeing my mother's reaction to a mouse in our house and her reactions to other animals while I was growing up. I think that I amplified the dislike she had for these animals within myself. The mouse incident occurred when I was four or five years old. My mother and I had just got home from the store and as she walked into the kitchen I heard her scream in a loud shrill voice "Oh my god, oh my god!" The scream was so loud I literally froze in place. All of my muscles tightened up so tight that it took all my breath away. She screamed for me to come into the kitchen, and when I peaked my little head around the corner I had no idea of what I was about to see.

There was a mouse running around in circles, not having an escape because my mom was blocking the entrance to the kitchen. She told me to "hurry up and grab the trash can!" Therefore, I grabbed the trashcan and drug it over to where she was standing. "Pull the bag out of it, hurry Shaun!" she said. So with all of my might, I grabbed the bag and I yanked, and yanked. I was a small boy and my muscles had not yet developed the strength to accomplish such a feat. I felt my eyes start to swell up with tears because I could not help my mom. She told me", Quick come stand here, don't let that little piece of s#&@ by you!" She grabbed the bag and with ease, pulled it from the can. She then stepped in front of me,