Good Vs. Evil

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Good vs. Evil

Human beings are highly social creatures, because we are so interested in what others are doing. We are able to avoid the bad and keep on the path of good by our virtues, but we are distracted vice when we see it prodding selfish acts. A moral philosopher Adam Smith argued in his 1759 book that our virtue derives from our social nature that we can not help but share in the joy and the pain around us. When humans cause pain to others it is almost certain that we also share pain, since the feeling is not desired we tend to avoid pain. On the other hand humans also feel pleasure and desire this feeling, and experience pleasure when we do something that brings happiness to others. This empathy is what controls us in the community of humans, it is our social nature that drives human virtue and is the reason we abuse sin.

Nothing seems more important to us than our humanity, so a lot of time spent is used by improving upon what makes a person human; our virtue. Humanity depends on the ability to connect with others and how to take care of them. Interaction with humans depends on their ability to love and to be loved; if interacting with others comes naturally a human's life will be very full even if other areas of a human's life may be disappointing. Social skills is the most straightforward goal to work on, but can also be the most difficult since it is not a part of our soul as love is. Knowing what others need and want from you is essential for building bonds. Human virtue guides the decisions that are made, when there is a disaster either natural or caused by...