Goodness Gracious, Great Globe Afire!

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This was written for an English class, so it is not incredibly deep in scientific detail, but is more than sufficient to explain the general debate.

What do the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Pterodactyl, and the Dodo all have in common? They are all extinct, although the dinosaurs died out for arguably different reasons than the Dodo bird. One of the most common scientific theories for the extinction of dinosaurs and other early species is that there was an extraordinarily dramatic global climate shift that led to an Ice Age, with many plants and animals being frozen where they stood. Scientists believe that this Ice Age was preceded by a considerably warmer period when ice caps melted and sea levels rose.

While acknowledging that global warming is still a theory, there is much evidence available to bolster environmentalists' claims as well as to tear them down. This is an issue that the entire world must be concerned about because if global warming is real and humans are speeding up, or even causing, the process, something must be done in the very near future to stop the damaging effects of global warming before it is too late.

This paper will examine all the data available both in support of and against the idea that the earth is steadily getting hotter and attempt to draw conclusions based on this evidence. The author will seek answers to several questions: Is global warming real? What caused it? Can humans survive it? Can it be reversed? This paper will prove that not only is global warming real, but that anthropogenic practices are to blame and that something must be done to stop global warming before man and beast are forced into extinction.

Many scientists and environmentally-conscious individuals around the globe are now predicting a second Ice...