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Summary: Snapple, a once strong and dominant brand in the Alternative Beverage Category, is in a period of decline. Recently purchased by Triarc Beverage Group, the company will try to revitalize the brand by using a revamped marketing strategy.

Company: Triarc has experience in buying and selling troubled companies. Triarc also has experience managing companies in the beverage industry. The company will now feel the pressure of trying to integrate a brand that is roughly twice the size of all its other holdings combined. This will pose a challenge to be able to manage and integrate a brand that has distribution network much larger than what Triarc has experience with.

Industry/Competition: The alternative beverage industry is a monopolistic competition. The many competitors in this market differentiate themselves in multiple manners including, pricing, product attributes, product quality, etc. The greatest barriers to entry into this market are the need for developed distribution channels, and high capital requirements necessary to fund marketing campaigns.

Snapple is currently the largest brand in the alternative beverage industry, with 35% market share. Recently other major players in the market, such as Ocean Spray and Arizona, have been increasing their market share, partially at Snapple?s expense. Existing competitors are likely to employ challenger strategies, as well as trying to control distribution channels. New entrants into this industry are likely to utilize a niche market strategy by developing and promoting unique products and packaging. Other product types in the industry include indirect and substitute competitors offering bottled water, 100% juice, and sport drinks. Because of the endless number of products consumers have to choose from in this market, a company?s success is heavily dependant upon its ability to differentiate the product in the mind of a consumer.

Market: The total alternative beverage category is approximately $10...