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Google today and in the future ????

List the four main products of Google and describe their significance to the target market.

Google's products can be divided into four groups. These four groups are: web based products, operating systems, desktop applications and mobile applications.

Web - based products can be accesed via web browser and they are:

AdWords, DoubleClick, Click-to-Call, Google Docs, Google Code, Google maps, Google Dictionary, Google Analytics, Google Scholar, Google Trends etc.

In the group of operating systems we can add:

Google TV, Google Chromebook, Google Android operating system.

Google's desktop applications are:

Google Chrome, Google Earth, Picasa, Google Toolbar, Youtube.

Google mobile products are the products that are available on mobile devices, such as:

Google +, Google Sync, Google Books, Google Vioce, Google Shopper �

Choose one of them other than their search machine and describe this product listing all 4 old and new P's ?

With the development of the internet we all get a chance to explore, to share our opinion with millions of users about products and services before a final decision of the purchase.

Google's AdWords Program is the best way for a fully automated, comprehensive and quick way to start an online advertising campaign. This program offers a simple advertising solution for every business and it provides online business service which enabling people to find products and service offers. That inclued brick - and - mortar retail outlets and small family - run businesses. Google AdWords program includes several features like fine - tune ads in real time, monitor ad statistics, post new ads instantly etc.�

In order to suceed, Google company has used 4 P's in very observant way. It includes: Product, Promotion, Place, Price.

Ads are broadcasted to a wide spectrum of audiences through traditional advertising and most...