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Essay by jasmin8008B, October 2006

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What is Google? Are we the Google generation? This question and so many more could come to our thoughts; in first place Google it's the mechanism, were mostly young people use to search all type of information, such as pictures news, videos, music, bibliographies etc.

This benefits us in many ways: it saves so much time which we can use to do other things, we don't need to spend time looking for the information we want as in Google with one word we can already get loads of information, sometimes to much, till that point that we don't even know witch ones to chose.

But also has so many disadvantages: the information we get in internet may not be true, as we are the ones that created Google with out thoughts and we may not be right or we may not have the same opinion as so many other people do its subjective.

Another disadvantage which us the Google generation have is the fact that as we don't spend o much type searching for what we want we don't read that much as if we go to a library for example and we find the information we are looking for by reading so many other things as well wile we are searching which makes us have more knowledge about other things as well, and helps are culture to rise.

Secondly, we are the Google generation as now days everybody have internet, and the Google page as the first one coming out, because everybody knows about this easy font of information which takes even less than 1 minute, we could say children now days have more advantages that people in the past which didn't have the facility of searching information as quick as us.

In conclusion I think children should...