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AbstractThe purpose of this term paper is to show what Google once was and what it has become. In this document following are discussed: the history of Google by listing its founders, and what they each contributed to Google as a whole, the hardware that was used when Google first started, and how Google has upgraded their equipment in order to meet its current demands and expectations, the software Google uses to sift through the vast number of websites it monitors and lists on its search engines. Since Google is essential search engine this term paper points out various types of techniques that Google uses such as Boolean, Vector, and Probalistic. In addition this has listed some of Google's newest programs and applications such as Google Toolbar, Google Spellchecker, Google calculator, Google whitepages, Google images Frooge, GoogleEarth/map, and Gmail. The conclusion sums up what Google was and what it has become over the past couple years.

Table of ContentsCompany Overview4History 4Google抯 founder 4Larry Page 5Sergey Brin 5Original Hardware 6Current Hardware 7Software 7Searching Technique 8FlowChart 10PageRank 11Google Web Search Result 11Google Toolbar 12Google as SpellingChecker 12Google as Calculator 13Google as White Pages 13Google Images 13Google Answers 14Froogle Google 14Google Earth and Maps 14Gmail 15Google Notebook 15Conclusion 15Work Cited 16Company OverviewGoogle aims to make all the information in the world accessible for people in an easier way. Starting as a small tech company, Google has grown to an enormous international company. The main reason why Google is well known is because of its focus on simplicity, even though there is a lot of complicated technology involved behind it. Google does all the technological work to make people's lives easier.

Google has found its way to earn money from a service which basically is for free. Although the searching on Google is free,