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Moises Park



Gorbachev was one of the last leaders that changed the USSR to a better

country. He was the one whom liberated the USSR from communism. He had very few

achievements and failures. Thus, some people say he achieved something that the

USSR people wanted. He made USSR into a democratic country. During his rule he

did not succeed what he wanted to do for the USSR. His achievements were to

reform the soviet system, change in economy and living standards, and the

military power of the west. Indeed, Gorbachev did make some changes into his

country but those weren't all the achievements he wanted to make for the USSR.

Gorbachev was born in March 2, 1931 in Privol'noye village, Krasnogvardeisky

district, and Stavropol region. He lived during the rule of Joseph Stalin; he

was there during WWII feeling how WWII was. This means that Gorbachev suffered

and knows how it feels to be in communist rule.

After the war in 1946 he joined

a Communist Youth League called Komsomol and two years later he won a state

medal for his good work in the league. In 1950 Gorbachev went to study to a law

school at Moscow State University, where he graduated and got married with

Raisa Gorbachev. (Biography.com)

Gorbachev was now in the Communist Party and joined to have good official

position. In 1970 he was elected to the USSR Supreme Soviet and from here to

1990 he was a member of the Communist Party Central Committee. After eight

years, in1978 he was the Central Committee secretary in charge of agriculture,

and after a year he became a candidate to the Polit Bureau of the Communist

Party Central Committee. Andropov put Gorbachev in second power, so Gorbachev

had more and more active...