What is Gore Vidal trying to tell us about the nature of American politics through his play, The Best Man?

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Argumentative Essay: The Best Man

In the play The Best Man, Gore Vidal satirizes the American politics by proving that nothing really changes with the views of the country's politicians. The playwright uses this play to present William Russell and Senator Cantwell Joseph who are contesting for the presidential nomination. The play presents William as an experienced, intelligence and headedness politician. These qualities definitely make him the best man for the targeted job. His opponent, on the other hand, is handsome and young. This makes him less experienced and skilled to be the party's presidential candidate.

This play by Gore has helps examine the nature of American political scenes including how they have remained the same for years. It has been the culture of politicians in the country to do anything in an attempt to get power. This is characterized by political attacks and defamation. As indicated in the play, "Cantwell says that he will release some vital information in an attempt to end William's presidential bid (Vidal 46)".

This calls for Russell to make the right choices and steps if he is to prevent his competitor from occupying the presidential seat. This shows that the American politics are defined by personal ambitions and attacks to achieve power.

The playwright shows there will always be an admirable candidate who can help to promote the country's success. The hardest part is getting the right person for the job. However, there is always the lie and deception presented by the American politicians. It will be necessary for the population to understand the major issues surrounding the American politics and understand how we can get the right candidates who can address the needs or expectations of the population. The play makes it possible for the reader to understand the specific issues that...