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AbstractEveryone has had to deal with them at one point or another, or at least knows someone who has: gorilla bosses. They make their way to the top by "throwing one elbow too many" by means of violent rages to scare colleagues (Park, 2005). They often bask in an unjustified aura of arrogance. They refuse to accept feedback, and never recognize other people's points of view-it is their way or the highway. Furthermore, they are seldom courteous, they do not compromise, and they do not compliment anyone. Apologies are unheard of, and they will not take responsibility for their actions, especially if they are in the wrong. They often replace office etiquette with "the law of the jungle" (Park, 2005).

Gorilla Bosses Bring Jungle to the WorkplaceGorilla bosses make their way to top by "throwing one elbow too many" (Park, 2005). Violent rages are used to scare colleagues, and they bask in cockiness.

The do not accept feedback or understand other peoples points of view. David Weiner, Chicago based science writer states, "it is his or her way or the highway" (Park, 2005). These gorilla bosses bully their way to leadership roles and do not care who gets trampled on the way. Furthermore, Weiner states they never accept responsibility for their own mistakes. "They're rarely courteous, don't compromise, rarely compliment anyone, rarely apologize and won't take responsibility for anything that goes wrong," Weiner said (Park, 2005). Gorilla bosses are the ones who replace office etiquette with the law of the jungle. Their intolerable "alpha-male or alpha-female attitudes have caused countless co-workers and underlings to change careers, move out of state and seek psychiatric remedies" (Park, 2005). I personally have had to deal with a manager who possessed some of the similar traits mentioned. She was extremely cocky, and she never...