The Gospel According To Larry

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The main character in The Gospel According To Larry, a novel by Janet Tashjian, is named Joshua. Josh is a teenage boy who is against what he called “consumer glut”. He was so against it that he created an online identity under the name of Larry to get his opinion out. Josh only owned seventy-five items, which in today’s modern world is impossible. I myself have thousands of items. But there are three that I definitely could not live without.

My main item that I could not live without is my Blackberry Pearl. Although it holds no emotional value, it does hold a very large monetary value. If I ever had to give up this phone, I don’t know what would happen. My Blackberry keeps my in touch with family, friends, and business associates. I can receive e-mails, phone calls, text messages, and picture messages on the device.

It also allows me to surf the web and listen to my music. I’d imagine that without this phone, I would go insane.

The second item I could never live without is my laptop. I also use this to keep in contact with people by e-mail. However, I use it more so as a music and picture center. I have thousands of pictures and songs on it. Since all my pictures are stored on it, it has a large emotional value. The laptop only cost $500, so its monetary value is not very large.

The third item I could not live without is one of my gold rings. My grandmother gave it to me when I was fourteen. The emotional value is so great on this ring that it does not even compare to the small monetary value, which is estimated at $450 to $550. My grandmother gave it to...