Gospel Of Wealth

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Of Gospel and Wealth Different experiences different background different Ideologies different lives make people see things in different way, in some cases not even see things which actually build up other peoples lives. If there is one thing in this world that separates human beings from becoming more loving caring and more brotherly it is money. Its seems as though this mere paper could change peoples personalities and make them turn on the people they once might have loved. Never ending conflicts over piece of paper with symbolic value have shred families' friends' nations and even races apart. During the late 19th century, several entrepreneurs managed to rise from rubble to become the pillars of American Capitalism and the flag ships of an American philosophy which however full of hope as it may seem, is full of prejudice segregation and inequality.

During the time when the Carnegies the Rockefellers and all the others ruled the world, the gospel of wealth was created.

The gospel preached of how anyone could become wealthy and powerful without help from anyone but from himself. Hard work, honesty, and good will where the only requirements to rise from rags to riches. At least that's what it was thought to be. The truth as always had nothing but proof that the gospel Of wealth's preaching's did not apply to all. The gospel was meant for a white American Male, everyone else was excluded. Many documents and stories where written on the gospel of wealth. The three most significant ones for me however are Wealth by Andrew Carnegie, Ragged Dick by Horatio Alger and Acres of Diamonds by Russell Conwell. All of them tell us how society deals with wealth, how to accomplish wealth what society should do with wealth and how with hard work...