I Got to Get an A (a cause and effect essay)

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The pressures placed on students to get good grades comes in different forms and from different sources such as parents, friends, teachers, and in many cases, even themselves. Everyone wants to succeed in life, but when the pressure to do so is overwhelming it effects the student's health, morals, and education.

Pressure on students affects their health in many ways. Students try so hard to maintain good grades that they are often stressed. According to Hans Selye, M.D., stress is defined as a "nonspecific response of the body to a demand"( Health Encyclopedia). There are two types of stress: positive and negative. Positive stress is what drives and motivates us to protect and preserve our lives. Negative stress can, in fact, destroy it. Students spend their time worrying about their grades because they've been told that if they want to get a well paying job, they have to get do well in school.

Stress can be defined as either acute or chronic. Acute stress is short term stress and most commonly known as the fight or flight response (Neimark). It is generally positive stress and can give a person an extra boost of energy that can actually be helpful to students. Yet, frequent, on-going stress can become chronic stress. Chronic stress is negative, long-term stress that can be dangerous to an individual. It has many serious side effects such as, asthma, ulcers, migraines, arthritis, and ulcerative colitis, which is a chronic inflammation of the colon that can be excessively uncomfortable (Health Encyclopedia).

Not only has increased pressure on students affected their health, but it has affected their morals, as well. Pressure from parents and teachers to achieve and maintain top scores has caused students to turn towards cheating as a means to alleviate this pressure. Cheating is a guaranteed way...