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Each student who enters College must fulfill a Core requirement of courses before he or she graduates. One of these Core requirements is a course in Cultural Diversity. Because I am a baptized Catholic and have been studying the history, foundation, and teachings of my faith since the age of six, I figured that Christianity in Africa would be an easy way to attain a good grade while fulfilling this requirement at the same time.

From the first day I entered St. Francis de Sales elementary school, I have repeatedly heard the teachings of Jesus the Christ. With the help of Jesuit priests, I have examined His words at with keen observation and studied actions with vigorous scrutiny. I figured there was nothing more I could learn about the Christian faith; however, like many other times in my life I have been proven wrong.

Last winter the movie Dogma was released in theaters.

One of the characters, Rupheus (played by Chris Rock), claims to be the thirteenth apostle of Christ, but was left out of the Bible because he was black. The characters in the movie refused to believe this, but Rupheus told them that they were being negligent to the fact that Christ associated with people of the African race. I must confess that I too was negligent to this idea. Because I have always seen Christ portrayed as a white man, I believed Him to be white and to only socialize with Caucasians. So far this course has served as an eye opener and given me further insight to the in which Jesus the Christ lived and with the people he interacted with.

When told by the professor that Christianity in Africa was as old as Christianity itself, I said to myself, "That can not be."...