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Alden Whah

Dr. Clevenger


Kirby Extra Credit

Feedback on Jack Uldrich Speech

When I walked into Kirby hall on Tuesday night I immediately thought great I have to sit here for two hours of my night and listen to a guy to get extra credit. When he started talking he roughly said " Would you rather Five dollars per tooth ( all babies have 20 teeth)? or would you rather have a penny for the first 2,2for the second, 4 for the third and it keeps on doubling". As I saw here he also said his son said " dad thats easy ill take the hundred". By his son saying that he proved a important point on how if he went with the penny doubling his sons 20th tooth would be worth over 5 thousand dollars. By him showing us this example it showed us how we have to learn how to jump the curve.

Even though for such a simple example it shows us how quickly a trend or something such as technology could grow rapidly.

He brought up nine trends that are quickly doubling and changing faster then we could blink a eye. I am only going to talk about some of the nine trends and go into detail on the ones i like the most and share my reasoning behind why I believe in what he is saying is true and helpful. Before I go into some trends I would like to point out what he did in the 1990s a man was standing on his 5 thousand dollar cell phone which in now thousands of unemployed people are standing outside of wall street with in these unfortunate times.

My favorite trend he talked...