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Melisa Özkan

Assist. Prof. Kevyne K. Baar

Research Tecniques 108

26 May 2014

American Gothic Metal Music vs. Finnish Gothic Metal Music

and Their Differences Culturally, Sociologically and Politically

Like all the students admiring music, especially Metal music, studying music, researching

music, I have my own tecniques about asking questions and searching some answers. Because of

the fact that, I'm dedicating my research to all Metal music lovers. As it is seen in my thesis' title, I

believe that the differences between two specific countries have a huge influence on music genre's,

too. You'll see in this thesis how much these influences affect countries and their musical way of

thinking and of Gothic Metal. Also, my interviews with some talented people will guide you.

Let's begin with USA. USA is a federal government based country located in North

America. It's one of the Super Powers in the world and has such diverse ethnic roots because of

immigration rates.

However this diversity and crowdedness have caused some problems quite often.

America devoted itself to building and developing a new land with the "Declaration

of Independence". After years of England's exploitation, also with the influence of French

Revolution, USA took important steps in democracy. Despite the fact that USA was the one laying

foundation of democracy, its perspective about Black people was totally different. After years of

slavery, the Civil War ( 1861 - 1865) broke out and the "Abolishment of Slavery" was explained.

After this era, "Reconstruction Era" began in order to solve the issues between the North and the

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I have to admit that, one of my motives to talk about slavery so much is its influence on

Black people. They could only explain their sufferings through songs and dances. Experts have

been thinking that...