Goverment in our lives today.

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Opinion Paper

Many people believe that the government is an essential part of every day life. They agree with this business like and privatised Canada type of government because they have the money for it. But the average Canadian cannot keep up with high taxes and "business" like view of the government for the high paid corporate business owners, they're high in solely and very persuasive with government friends. These kind of people can handle the amount of government in their lives but for the average Canadian the government has become too close for comfort. The Canadian government is too involved in our society and everyday life.

Privatisation has left Canadians in the dark. The privatisation of many companies and businesses in Canada has put up the price of Hydro one for example after Hydro one became privatised price has tripled and he service has been horrible. Take a look at how many power outages we have had, the last one was over a simple, very minor, snow squall.

On top of the rising prices there has been rising taxes.

High taxes and low wages are making Canadians uneasy about being able to be freer with their money. The taxes have increased over the last couple of years and they continue to do so. Although the taxes and prices of objects have increased our wages have not. Canadians give an average of about fifty- percent of their paycheck to the government forcing them to revolve their lives around paying bills. This has brought the government too close in Canadian lives.

The government has tried to include themselves in all the aspects of education. The government has issued grade three and six testing; also there is a grade nine mathematics test and grade ten literacy testing. This is putting more stress...