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This is an informational document that describes the purpose and use of the Adaptec GoBack software. The software was installed to help the computers run better. The software will at certain times revert the computer to a "clean state", the way the computer was originally setup.

We have selected three different times for the computer to revert back.

First the computer will return to the clean state in the morning. When this happens, if someone is using the computer, it will ask you if you would like to revert the computer or not. If it is not ok to do so at this time, you may cancel the request.

Second, the software will try to revert to the clean state at a preset time in the evening. The time we are setting will be around the time the users are not allowed to login to the system.

Third the GoBack software will try and revert to the clean state when a user logs out of the computer.

By having a clean state of the computer to go back to we are hoping to eliminate unwanted programs and files being installed on the computer, protect the computer from viruses and allow users more systems functionality. Because it is going to be reverted to a clean state, any files that are saved on the computer by a user will also be removed. It is essential that you store your files and documents to the network drive or the floppy disk. Any file store on the hard drive will be removed.

If you are experiencing problems with this machine you can logout of the computer and it will revert to the clean state. If you are still having problems you can open the software, go to the "Auto-Revert" tab and click on the "Auto-Revert Now" button. This will revert the computer to the clean state.

If you experience any other problems with this computer, please call the Student Assistant Center at 298-2092.