Government 326 Constitutional Law and Theory

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Dear Judge Escobar, I believe that The Responsible Mother's is not entitled to judgment, in this case (Act of 2002). How can the responsible mother's Act of 2002 determine what is to be considered childbearing age? Would this age be from the legal age of eighteen and up or are they determining childbearing age to be different.

(RMA) Wants to create a better group of people for their society, just as in (Buck v. Bell) Justice Holmes states; how Carrie Buck is a potential parent of a sociable incapable child. This notion shocks the conscience and violated due process. Everyone has the right to Body integrity, which is in the fourteenth amendments due process clause.

If a woman has three drug convictions, then a drug treatment program or a rehabilitation center should be available for her, not take away her right as a woman to produce life this is one of the justifications for punishing people who break the law.

Not to punish, but to treat the individual needs of the lawbreaker. Furthermore; I would find this an invasion of the eighth amendment, cruel and unusual punishment. Resistance of this operation should not be an issue, as in (Jacobson v. Massachusetts); however it is suppose to be for the good and safety of society, this liberty secured by the constitution does not give the individual absolute right under all circumstances; according to Justice Harlan. An individual is supposed to have the freedom to make a choice that is best and healthy for him or herself. Individually. This operation to prevent pregnancy is an invasion of rights secured by the fundamental law. Every thing in the Bill of Rights applies to all except for indictment of a grand jury.

The policy of New Mexico is so focused on stopping...