Government of Acient Athens,Greece

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athenian government was a democracy. A democracy is like todays government. Where the citizens hold the power, but democracy was only established in 508 BC. which cleisthines,the fourth of many leaders, made laws to be enforced which made democracy for the athenian people. During his time of ruling, he made a constitution, or plan of government. The assembly earned gradually uprated powers and emerged as a major political group. This was considered a democracy because all citizens could belong to an assembly. But citizens are only a male because about a week after being born, the child (male) was given a name and was enrolled a citizen. With few exspectations athenian girls could not participate in the government of athens, and did not recieve educations. Athenian women would be taught maternal instincts from thier mother. An assembly was used as a supreme court a concil of 500, which any citizen could join,did daily buizness.

A jury contained from 201-1001 citizens, with majority vote to reach desions. Athenian democracy included a system called a stracism. It is a vote, to vote off a politician that was unfavorable to citizens and needed 6,000 ostracas (votes) to be exiled.