Government And Law Time Line 1986 Till 2002

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Ronald W. Reagon was born in 1911, he was a republican, elected from California, and served from 1981 till 1989.

Dec. 7th 1987 - Soviet leader Gorbachev arrives in Washington for a three-day summit with Ronald Reagon, to complete the treaty to dismantle all Soviet and U.S. Medium-range nuclear missiles.

July 3rd 1988 "“ The U.S. warship Vincennus mistakes an Iran Air A300 Airbus for an attack plain and shoots it down, killing all290 on board.

Dec. 16th 1989 - U.S. Launches an invasion of Panama City called "Operation Just Cause" to protect U.S. citizens. 22 Americans died, and 4,000 plus Panamanians.

George Herbert Walker Bush was born in 1924; he was a Republican elected from the state of Texas he served from 1989 till 1993.

August 7th 1990 "“ President George Bush begins to send American troops to Saudi Arabia to prevent an Iraqi invasion.

July 31st 1991 "“ President Bush and President Gorbachev sign the Strategic Arms and Reduction Treaty and start to reduce arsenals of long-range nuclear weapons by one third.

William Jefferson Clinton was born in 1946; he was a Democrat from Arkansas who served from 1993 till 2001.

June 5th 1994 "“ Former President Jimmy Carter visits North Korea to help diffuse a crisis over nuclear inspections.

May 25th 1995 "“ NATO warplanes bomb Bosnian Serb targets after the Serbs refuse to relinquish control of their heavy weapons to peacekeeping forces. Next day Bosnian Serbs Seize U.N. Soldiers as hostages.

George Walker Bush was born in 1946, he was a Republican elected form Texas he has been serving since 2001, his term will be up in 2004.

September 11th 2001 "“ Terrorist attack on the World Trade Center by the Taliban Terrorist left approximately 20,000 died.