Government has a Strong Role in Transformation of Modern HR Practice

Essay by Md Shahidul AlamUniversity, Master'sA-, December 2008

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Introduction:Human resource management is a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce, using an array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques. Human Resources is still largely caught up in its traditional, transactional role, stated in different books and journals, but HR leaders are rethinking their structure, staffing models and required competencies for the eventual shift to a more strategic profession. HR people have to take the plunge and commit to measuring key business outcomes and not worry about who looks good or bad but focus on improvement.

Companies are continuously changing and adapting to remain competitive, so the HR department has to adapt to these changes and be able to respond more rapidly to organizational change. HR needs to be seen as a strategic business partner that can add real value to the company and improve business competitiveness.

Today, conventional government is being tested like never before. Issues such as pandemics, aging populations, climate change, rising citizen expectations and public safety are both global and local in nature. To address these types of complex challenges, public sector organizations at all levels need to transform in our country relating to the way they deliver services, internally and to citizens. We are seeing the emergence of a new model in the European and North American countries where government executives redefine their core responsibilities from managing people and programs to coordinating resources to produce public value. This new model of governing by network is characterized by the web of multiorganizational and multi-governmental relationships that increasingly constitute modern governance. Tackling such complex change demands a comprehensive and integrated approach.

•- these are the challenges that today's governments must address.

The Government of Bangladesh should undergo significant transformation in the...