Government in Iraq

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Government of Iraq

Iraq now is a very unstable country with no enforced government. It is unsafe for a country to go without a government or some sort of leader. "The people are going to start to get used to no rules" jokingly says Stacy Taus-Bolstad, author of "Iraq in Pictures". This quote leads to the conclusion that that Iraq needs a government soon. Iraqi people should have a choice on what kind of government they are going to live under. Since they are going to have to live with the new government and not the people imposing democracy on them from the United States, then they should choose how they want to be ruled. The three most popular and most successful kinds of government are monarchy, democracy, and communism.

Iraq is one of the most oil-rich countries in the world. Under a strict, conservative ruler Iraq could get back on its feet again.

When the corrupt leader Saddam Hussein ruled he was headstrong and foolish when it came to running a country. He made many enemies and destroyed Iraq's economy. He also broke the tiny bond of trust he had with his people by murdering and torturing people who got in his way. Iraq has all the resources it needs to develop a strong economy. According to, the oil area makes up ninety-five percent of Iraq's exports. Now all that is necessary is the right form of government and a sincere ruling body.

Since the United States and other countries have invaded Iraq, there has been no form of government. This has left room for insurgents, Al Queda, and rioting. More and more people are getting killed everyday and a stable government will lessen that danger. President Bush wants Iraq to be a democratic nation. Some Iraqis have...