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In a democratic government power is shared widely among the citizens of that government. The general public chooses representatives who should be well informed on public matters and policies. These representatives are to make knowledgeable decisions on the issues and policies specified. We as citizens put our trust in the representatives elected to do what is correct. The selected legislative body can be held responsible for their decisions made by the people.

Democracy to me is a government that gives its citizens the opportunity to state their opinions, and then the government thoroughly considers those opinions within the three branches of government. The authority of the government is based around the rule by the people; if the people do not believe the government is legitimate, it will not govern well.

The United States has a limited government, in which to create and maintain society. The three branches form a system of checks and balances on one another.

This prevents one branch from becoming too powerful. It also stops the government from taking liberties from the people. In the United States the citizens are able to vote in elections. Americans vote for all political issues; referendums, initiatives, they vote for state and local government, members of congress and also vote indirectly for the President (Fiorina 25).

Decisions are made by a process of legislation; how a bill becomes a law. When a bill is proposed it has to be passed through both the House of Representatives and the Senate in identical form. In the House and the Senate, the bill is passed to a sub committee, in which they study, hold hearings, and debate on it. If the bill is approved, it moves to the full committee. Then if the full committee approves it, it goes to a rules committee in...