Government response paper. Is this true justice? Refers to Locke, Hammurabi, and Machiavelli

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Justice is responsible for making sure the country is taken care of and that all dangers or problems be taken care of as well. It is essential that the citizens be treated equally, and they all get the freedom to share what they think. Justice can never be served without equality and freedom involved, or problems will arise.

Locke fits the idea of justice the best out of the three (Locke, Hammurabi, Machiavelli). One of the things he said was 'government exists to preserve justice and equality'. Both Hammurabi and Machiavelli said government was here to hold power and order, but, neither of them mentioned anything about equality. Infact, Hammurabi said that the rich are good and the poor are bad. Machiavelli believed humans are basically bad and not to be trusted.

Governments using inequality or not granting freedom to its citizens have been known to have problems.

Countries with dictatorships or communist governments are becoming obsolete because people are finally speaking against their one sided beliefs. The Ceaucescu Revolution was a good example of a dictatorship brought down by its people. The people were driven beyond the limit and over powered their bad governmental leaders for both their own good and their nations well being. Another instance where this was displayed was when the Berlin Wall was torn down by the people of Germany. They tore down the barrier that was made by their leaders that had kept them from their families for over 30 years. The laws of Hammurabi and Machiavelli would be going through these problems if they were still being frequently used today.

Locke also said that 'government which does not bring about public benefit should be disposed', this goes right along with the defintion of justice. If the government is lying about everything...