Government of Sudan vs. Holocaust: Genocides

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The longest civil war in the world has not been happening in one of the major countries, but in a small region in Africa called Sudan. The Moslem, pro-government in the North has been fighting the non-Moslem rebels in the South since 1983. "Two million are dead, four million are displaced, and half a million are refugees. The rest of the world has turned a blind eye to the things happening in Sudan." Likewise, many consider the Holocaust the most atrocious act that has ever been committed in mankind's history. But soon, the conflict in Sudan will catch up with the Holocaust if nothing is done. There have been numerous terrible things done in Sudan. The atrocities that occurred in Sudan are comparable to the things that happened in the Holocaust.

Both countries were in great turmoil before they started their genocide. Germany was in great disorder and was going through a depression since it has just lost World War I and had to pay off a huge debt to the Allies.

The Germans elected a new leader called Adolf Hitler who started the infamous Nazi party because people believed he was the answer to all their problems. Hitler and his Nazi party wanted to get rid of anybody who was inferior, and they mainly targeted Jews. They started an atrocious campaign to kill all Jews and by the end of 1945, two out of three European Jews were either killed or put into a death camp. Similar to the Holocaust, Sudan is in great turmoil. Many of the atrocities that are occurring are happening in a region called Darfur. The government of Sudan is watching the people in Darfur. Revolts in Darfur have caused the government to end it by means of killing every native in Darfur. The revolt...