Governments should provide funding for artists so that the arts can flourish and be available to all people.

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Nowadays a lot of issues are under the help of governments, seeing the advantage of government funding from some of them. people begin to require the government to provide funding for artsists too so that the arts can flourish and be available to all people.however, these people overlook the essential and distinctive elements of arts and made a hastily generalization.

Arts are forms full of vigor and attraction. they have survived for thousands of years and kept flourish for thousands of years without helps of external because they are essential connection between human and nature, effective ways to narrate social events and vivid expressions of our emtion. in the other words , they are not like an inept things:handicapped will be afford special service and tendance by society, endangered animals need careful protection. It is true nowadays even some formerly profitable forms have to rely on government survive becuase of the new methods and ideas.

For example, with the development of telecommunication and internet, post department has lost its competence to survive without support of governments. However, arts will never lose their vitality since the arts consists no advance or normal, every art form has its own uniquity.Musica arouses the emotion from sense of hearing, art attracts our eyes. they can not be substitute for one another. there might be new arts forms appear now and then, like computer rendering, computer electronic synthesized music. but they have been proved to be additional option to arts, not substitution.

Secondly I'll say artists should fight their way to success instead of relying on the funds of government. success art works never fail to be accepted by peoples even there were few because of lacking of money. Since this is a world full of competition, artists should also comply the...