Governor of Texas 1934.

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The year was 1923, when a young man from Bowie Texas was appointed to an unexpired term as district attorney of the Thirtieth Texas District. James V Allred (V was a name, not an initial.), eagerly took this assignment possibly knowing that it would become the foundation of his political career.

His background was that of the average Texan of the time, born: March 29, 1899, in Bowie Texas. He enrolled in Rice Institute now Rice University, in 1917 but withdrew due to financial shortcomings. He served with the United States Immigration Service and then enlisted in the Navy during World War I. After the war, Allred studied law while working as a clerk in a Wichita Falls law office. In 1921, he received an LL.B. from Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee, and began to practice law in Wichita Falls. Two years later he was appointed to the post that would mark the beginning of his successful career as a politician.

During his tenure as a District Attorney he was successful in fulfilling his duties, and took a fierce stand against the Ku Klux Klan, which at the time was growing throughout the country. This earned him the reputation as "the fighting district attorney." At the time it showed the growing sentiment against the bigotry the KKK stands and represents. This it later be recognized as merely a political move paving the way to his career in the political arena. And not necessarily representing his values or true opinions. As it would later be seen during his tenure as the State Attorney General.

He ran for state attorney general during 1926, but conceded defeat to Claude Pollard by a close second-primary vote. In 1930, he ran again successfully defeating incumbent Robert Lee Bobbitt. During his term as Attorney General Allred won...