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Play Review Name Of Play: Graceland Date: Monday March 4, 2002.

Review Content: 1. This play takes place in the 1970's, just three days before the opening of Elvis's home (Graceland) to the public. Bev Davies, a huge Elvis fan, set up camp in front of Elvis's former house. She hoped of becoming the first fan to enter the mansion upon the opening to the public. Rootie Malert, who made an attempt to steal her place in line, quickly threatened Bev's dreams. The majority of the play is spent watching the two girls fight over who will become the first to enter the estate of the King of Rock n'Roll. The two girls begin talking to each other and realize that they in fact had many things in common. In the end, Bev and Rootie decide not to let a little place in line ruin their newfound friendship and decide walk in together.

2. The main and only characters in the play were Bev Davies and Rootie Malert. Vanessa Ewen played Bev Davies and Lacey Benedetti played Rootie Malert. Bev Davies had brown hair, but wore a blonde wig. She wore an Elvis T-shirt and a pair of bellbottoms. Bev was a kind, outgoing and caring person. This is seen through her reaction to Rootie's stories of her family life, especially the death of her husband Bow. I felt that Vanessa Ewen did an excellent job playing Bev because she was able to sway from humorous parts of her role to the more serious and touching parts. Rootie Malert had brownish red hair and wore an Elvis T-shirt and jean bellbottoms. Rootie is the calm however depressed character. We see this when she is explaining stories of her husband, brothers, how she missed them and the hard time she faced after her husbands death. I think that Lacey Benedetti did a great job portraying the feelings of her character to the audience. When she told her stories, she would look of into the distance, which I felt made the stories more believable because it gave impression she was recalling them from memory.

3. Conflict: The major contrast was between Bev and Rootie. Bev was first in line, when Rootie showed up and attempted to steal her spot. At this Bev reacted by confronting her causing a fight between the two.

Contrast: In one particular scene Bev compares Rootie's feelings towards her husband's death to those, which, Bev felt after a girl at her high school, died. This shows how immature Bev can be about situations and how she doesn't always think before she talks whereas Rootie is a person who thinks about things before she acts.

Suspense: When the two girls are yelling at each other and push a little and you don't know what will happen next. Your not sure if they will compromise or if they will fight even more and who will win.