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Law Review- 2007Theories and Concepts of LawRules vs. laws1.Laws are mandatory, rules are optional.

2.Laws entail a formal system of procedures for enforcement.

3.Laws impose a system of punishment and remedies.

4.Laws are enacted by the government3 views of lawLaw as a set of rules- what they are limited/cannot doIe: THOU SHALL NOT sell cocaine…Law as a legal system- agencies that work together to operate the lawIe: police, judicial system, jails.

Law as a legal concept- quality of the lawIe: "is it fair'?Legal conceptsOwnership- having the legal title or right to possession of a thingSovereignty- supreme authority over persons or territories, expressed in the power of the state.

Justice- appropriate standard for conduct. The principal by which right and wrong are defined.

Authority- the right to command and to enforce obedience (the power to govern).

Legitimacy- in accordance with the law; authorized or sanctioned by the law.

Equality- the concept of equal status and equal treatment for all persons.

Equity- - fairness or impartiality as in something being fair or equitable. Justice administered on the basis of ethics and fairness.

Humanity- man's chief duty is to work for the welfare of the human race. Having kindness, sympathy, tenderness, compassion.

Rights- legal concepts that we acquire at birth (as in human rights) or are given to us by the state (as in civil rights)Jurisdiction- the lawful right to exercise official authority.

Power- the right, ability or capacity to exercise control or legal authority over something or someone.

Duties- thing which one is legally or morally bound to do.

Morality- ideas and attitudes which direct conduct.

Substantive law- a law that identifies the rights and duties of a person or level of government.

Procedural law- a law that outlines the methods or procedures that must be followed in...