To grade or not to grade?

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"And while the law [of competition] may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every department."( Bum Philips). Grading is an important part making study a great competition. I do not say that there will be absolutely no competition without grading. But grade can be a point for students to look at and try to overcome themselves and others. Although grades do not evaluate exactly everything a person can do, but it can still give some ideas(estimate a little bit) about that person. And it is necessary for me and maybe for other students to know our own levels from the grades and have suitable plans to study.

Grades can be the motive to study for most students. Sometimes I become lazy and get low grades for my poor performance. Whenever I get a low grade, I wrote(write) it on a sticker and put on my computer`s monitor so that it can remind me everytime I study.

Those low grades wake me up and make me study harder and harder. Most of my friends told me that it was the fear of getting low grades made them study. However, always getting low grades can make the students hate their classes. What if a student tried(tries) his best but he always gets low grades time after time? He might begin to hate his classes. If people do not get what you want even if you try your best or not, so why do they have to try? I remember I had a literature teacher who was very strict to me and always gave me low grades no matter how I tried. Consequently, I began to hate literature, I asked myself: "Why do I have to try?"...