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Are our American school’s grading system improving or affecting our future leaders’ choices on their schoolwork and work behavior? Many of its current citizens continually question the long debated grading system of the United States. Grading is a topic in education, which has caused much discussion and disagreement among educators; most agree that it has much potential to be used in ways that enhance student performance and achievement. Teachers use grades for many reasons: assessing students' comprehension of skills and information, holding students accountable, and reporting student achievement to parents and the school district. School districts use grades to determine the success rate of individuals, classes, and entire schools, as well as for identifying students to receive services.

In “From Degrading to De-grading” by Alfie Kohn, discusses some of the effects of getting good grades and how receiving bad grades can affect ones, (student) personal drive or motivation to do school work.

Kohn asserts, “Grades tend to reduce students interest in the learning itself” (472). This is a great example, not only does it tell the truth primarily, but this is proven in a behavior study that people can examine. When I was in the eighth grade, I received a low grade and I thought that I was not smart enough to achieve a higher grade for that course. Alfie Kohn said, “Students may lose interest in what they‘re learning as a result of grades, it makes sense that they‘re less apt to think less deeply” (473). For the whole year, I was undetermined and lazy to anything or any topic that we had in the course.

Education is a determining factor in human made success. Whether it is learning to live in a harsh environment or learning to manage a company, education is and always will be...