Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies

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IntroductionThe decision to attend graduate school is an important decision to make. Even though continuing one's education has many benefits, it also comes with many challenges. Knowing personal and professional goals and how to achieve the goals a less challenging decision. This paper will focus on three challenges and three strategies this writer is facing during her graduate studies.

Graduate Study ChallengesAttending graduate school is a decision that has to be taken seriously. Knowing and understanding all the changes that come with going back to school and the effects it has on the one's life is extremely important. The first challenge I am facing while I am attending graduate school is my work, life and school balance. When returning to school, the student must be in control of all his or her priorities (Danesco, 2008). I realized when I decided to go to graduate school that it was going to tough balancing all my commitments and it was important to communicate with my loved ones what my decision was and the importance of getting their support.

The second challenge I am facing is the financial obligations that come along with attending graduate school. The funds needed to continue my education must be added to my month expenditures that I am responsible for. Having less time to earn extra money due to the added responsibility of attended school can be overwhelming. While friends and family continue to spend their money freely and on luxury items, while attending school I find it important to remember that at this time I am limited on what I am able to purchase outside of my necessary expenses which at times makes me second guess my decision. I find myself reviewing the decision I made to attend graduate school and the rewards I will benefit from...