Graduate Work Experience.

Essay by ridhaUniversity, Bachelor's January 2004

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For my work experience I had apply to a company for a two week placement, and this had to be done through proper procedures, so I had to make sure my curriculum vitae was up to date and well presented. I first began to think what type of work experience would I most enjoy and benefit from. I thought I would like to work in a computer related placement since I am doing IT as a GCSE and I have a keen interest in it. I went along to the carers office and talked to the carers teacher but he didn't quite have what I wanted so I went home and done some research on the internet and found a contact number and e-mail, I phoned the number and asked about any work experience opportunities and they said the best thing was to e-mail my queries to a certain e-mail address.

I e-mailed this person and they replied wanting to know what was the exact specification of this work experience. After several e-mails, they told me to send my CV along with a letter of application and so I did .A few weeks later I received a e-mail saying they do not do work experience for GCSE students, but added by saying they were planning to launch such opportunities and work placements and said to me that be sure to apply to them after my GCSE's and said I did have a good chance looking at my CV for future opportunities. I then went to the carer's office and found a contact address of a manager in BT Plc; I applied, sending my CV and letter of application. One week later got a letter confirming my two week placement.

On the first day I had to go to Brixton,