Graduation Essay For Dare Program In Dade County

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Taking the Dare class was really informative. I learned a lot. I am going to tell you how I feel about the Dare program, what I have learned that will help me stay drug-free and avoid violence, and why I think it is important to be drug-free and avoid violence.

I feel that the Dare program is really good. It helped me learn lots of things about being drug-free and avoiding violence. Taking the Dare program was fun. It is an excellent program to help kids learn about being drug-free and avoiding violence. Without the Dare program I think lots of kids wouldn't have an opportunity to learn about being drug-free. And if kids didn't learn about how bad drugs are many of them would die. So I also feel that the Dare program saves many lives which is really good.

I have learned lots of things in Dare that can help me stay drug-free and avoid violence. For example I learned different ways you can say no. They are 1.Say no thanks 2.To give a reason or excuse 3.By saying no and to keep repeating it 4.Walking away 5.Changing the subject 6.Avoiding the situation 7.To just ignore the person 8.To have strength in numbers which means to hang around with nonusers. I also learned in Dare how to solve a disagreement. This is what you have to do: 1.calm down 2.appologize it over 4.listen 5.find a solution both people can live with. Another thing I learned in Dare was about making good choices and bad choices and what the consequences were of both. One more thing I learned in Dare is about stress. Having a lot of stress or pressure may make some kids want...