Grady and Miranda- A Comparison of Lessons The Collector by John Fowles and All The Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy

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Throughout the course of a novel, characters may face obstacles and endure many hardships, ultimately leading them towards a path to self- awareness. Both Miranda in John Fowles' The Collector, and John Grady Cole in Cormac McCarthy's All The Pretty Horses, encounter many unexpected struggles, which teach them important life lessons. Though Miranda's journey to self- recognition occurs solely in a dark basement, and John Grady's takes place on a trip throughout Mexico, they confront many of the same hurdles. Through their experiences, John Grady and Miranda undergo many changes in their traits and thus begin to view their lives in a different light. As a result of being locked up, Miranda slowly begins to realize that life is not all about material things. Along Grady's journey throughout Mexico, he learns that things that he once saw as crucial to his life do not seem so important anymore.

Though it can be argued that these two characters and their situations are extremely different, there is no doubt that the lessons that John Grady Cole and Miranda learn throughout the novels help them both to "find" themselves.

In the beginning of both novels, Miranda and Grady share a common characteristic- their naïveté. Miranda grows up in an affluent community, surrounded by peers and countless opportunities. As an art student, she tries to see the beauty in everything, but she cannot seem to look past the material things in life. At times, Miranda is extremely hypocritical and has many untested beliefs. Miranda knows nothing about the world around her, and though she is constantly surrounded by her peers and mentors, she nevertheless feels lonely. Like Miranda, John Grady Cole is very inexperienced when it comes to life. Grady is a romantic- he desperately wants to hold on to his dreams...