Graffiti And Gender

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Graffiti Section 1: Data Collection Any writing that was disgusting, humorous and eye-catching made it on the list of phrases for further analysis. Breaking down each "work of art" into a specific category took a little more thought. The first categories I thought of include: heterosexual/homosexual desires or comments, miscellaneous comments/questions, political comments, poems, religious thought, public announcements/information, and inspirational thought. Although many of the topics of discussion were similar, there is an obvious difference between men and women's tone and responsiveness. Men's tone is generally more laid back and in jest, while using more aggressive language and women tend to be more emotional and serious.

The first location I collected data from was women's restroom near the study area on the second floor of the Norlin Library on campus. After I collected that data I went to the first floor restrooms as well. The final location I visited was Duane Physical Science Building.

I encountered a much different kind of graffiti here. It was much different from my findings in the library. The only difficulties I had were where to begin copying. I started reading and many of the phrases written are like conversations between people that come in on various bathroom breaks. It was sometimes difficult to tell which comment was first and which followed.

For the men's graffiti section a friend out side of class, Evan Zacharias, assisted me. I believe he only visited the second floor of Noriln.

Section 2: Topics Topic Men Women Graffiti 0 4 Inspiration/Poetry 0 0 Miscellaneous 0 5 Politics 2 0 Religion 0 1 Sex 4 6 Topic Men Women Graffiti 0 9 Inspiration/Poetry 0 5 Miscellaneous 8 11 Politics 7 3 Religion 2 3 Sex 11 12 Table 1 shows how many instances of a given topic were mentioned and who mentioned them, men or women. Table 2...