Graham Greene: The Destructors, A Shocking Accident, and The Blue Film. This is a biographical essay on Graham Greene, which critiques as well as explains three of his short stories.

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Graham Greene

The Destructors, A Shocking Accident, and The Blue Film.

Graham Greene has a style of writing, which incorporates much meaning with a hint of dry humor. The environment in which a writer lives determines the type of works that they will produce. Another factor which many writers take advantage of is a select type of genre or author that they read at earlier stages in the development of their writing style. Like most writers, Graham Greene's style reflects his upbringing.

Greene was born fourth of six siblings to an English family in 1904. He preferred reading rather than physical activity, which helped aid in his alienation. He read mostly adventure books by such authors as Rider Haggard and R. M. Ballantyne. These authors had a great impact on his method of writing. Most students harassed Greene because his father was the headmaster of the school in which he attended.

He attempted to commit suicide on numerous occasions. Pursuant to the attempts at taking his own life and running away from home for a brief period of time, Greene was sent to a psychiatrist named Kenneth Richmond. Richmond was able to get Greene to take his depressive emotions and channel them into a form of expression. Writing became the medium by which Greene spilled his emotions. Greene was introduced to the poetic writings of Walter de la Mare during this time as well.

Greene attended Balliol College where he earned a B.A. in modern history. During his higher education, Graham became an editor for The Oxford Outlook, finished his first novel: Anthony Sant, and joined the Communist Party. After college, Greene worked for several publications. Graham eventually married and became a catholic. He moved on to becoming a full time writer. At crucial times during the 20th...