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Summary of "The Grail" A young man, named Perceval, goes out searching for his mother when he approaches a river that proves to be impossible to cross by horseback or foot. He encounters two fishermen and asks if there is a bridge nearby. The fisherman says that there is no way to get across and tells Perceval to go to his manor in the valley to stay. He is met by squires, who bring him into the hall where he meets the lord of the castle.

While Perceval is with the lord, he witnesses a squire with a white lance that drips blood and a maiden with a golden, jeweled grail. He wonders about these things; however, he does not inquire about them for fear that he will sound uneducated. Perceval decides that he will find out about these things later. He also feasts with the lord on foods that are not known to him.

The lord is carried off to sleep while squires help Perceval to bed.

The next morning, Perceval finds himself alone and without any evidence of the night before. He gathers his belongings, which are left nearby and approaches the lowered drawbridge. Perceval plans to search out someone who can explain the bleeding lance and the golden grail. As he leaves the castle, somebody raises the drawbridge. Perceval attempts to get answers to his questions but no one responds.