A Grandfathers Love

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The first time I read Miller Williams poem "A Poem for Emily" I did not see any major theme standing out. It is a simple poem written in simple everyday language. I did not see any similes, metaphors, symbols or any of the other devices that other poets often use to confuse me. I do not like it when I read a poem and have no idea what I just read. This poem is not like that. It is well written and its meaning is very clear.

This poem is simply about a grandparent watching his grandchild on the day that she was born. He is thinking about the future and how much of it that he will get to spend with her. I also sense an anxiety, from the grandparent, in the poem. I feel an undertone of what if I am not here to see you grow? What if I am not here to tell you and show you how much I love you? What if I am not here to see your children, my great grandchildren, mature?

This poem brought out numerous emotions in me.

I can actually picture what the author is trying to say. I felt the love and devotion of the grandparent. I could picture myself in that place. I could see myself sitting in the rocking chair and watching my grand children sleeping. I felt a sense of sadness in the last two stanzas when he talks about the mother reading them the poem and him being dead. The thought hit me that I might not be here to see my grand children or great grandchildren grow.

The poem made me think about my children when they were little and how I used to sit and look at them sleeping in their crib.