Grandma's House

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As the winter ends and summer begins, I always feel like I want to travel. So last year

I decided that I would visit my Grandmother in Columbus, Ohio. While driving, I wondered

what it would be like to visit my Grandmother's home again. After all, I was a little girl

when I had been there last. As I drove, my thoughts drifted back to my childhood. And I

remembered how lovely it was visiting my grandmother's home.

One of my favorites was the warm appearance of my grandmother's block. It was very

bright and cheerful, as if it had sprinkles of white dust all over it. The block had lush green

trees that looked as though they stood at attention from the streams of light flowing from the

sun. And the hot graveled streets had only a few cars. At night, when my parents and

Grandparents talked in the living room, I would sit out on the front steps smelling the

aroma of the deep green grass.

And I'd stare up at the twinkling stars that seemed so close

I felt like I could reach out and touch one.

It was always extremely quiet on my grandmother's block. When I'd lie in bed at

night, I could hear the tiny crickets. They sounded as if they were singing or chanting in a

language all their own. Also, I could hear mumbling of far away voices and I'd wonder what

they were saying. As I'd lie there looking into the darkness, listening to the black wheels of the

cars rumbling over streets, it sent chills up my spine. But I knew I was safe at grandmother's


What I cherished most of all was the delicate, uncomplicated setting. There were all

kinds of porcelain pieces sitting on top the...