A Grandmothers Love

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A Grandmother's Love Well to start off many of you might think that I am crazy. Well most of the time I feel like I am going crazy. I am a very elderly woman, and I am also sick. I live out in the country by myself so I don't get caught up in the everyday drama of city life. It is very quite and peaceful out here in the forest. There is always a downside to everything in life and the downside here is that I am very far away from the city. If anything went wrong I would be far from help and I might end up dying from the injury. I also am partially blind and have another medical condition. The doctors won't deliver my medicine to me so I often go without taking my medicine. That isn't a good thing for me considering that I am 100 years old.

More obvious than not I am also a black woman so the white people don't feel to sympathetic for me and end up not delivering the meds to me. Now I understand that I am old but that doesn't mean that you should disrespect me. An elder man in the forest did that so I thought that I might teach him a lesson. We were talking and he dropped a nickel so I didn't tell him and I took it. Later I had to go into to town to get some medicine for myself and more importantly my grandson who was very sick. I ended up asking one of the receptionists for a nickel and finally got one out of her. Then after all of that I got the medicine for my grandson and I and went back to the house. I love my grandson with all my heart. I would so anything to try and save him. When push comes to shove love conquers all.