A Grandmothers Love

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A Grandmothers Love "I have cancer," My grandmother told me one rainy day. I did not want to believe that she could die from this, and she would not believe it either. After all, this was my grandmother. I did not know grandma until I was seven years old, my Mother was very sick and in the hospital, the doctors were not sure if mom would make it. That was when I met grandma.

We were living in New Jersey and grandma lived in California. She flew all the way out to be with us. She would take me on imaginary picnics. We would walk to the woods near our house and sit down on the rocks; she would take out the imaginary picnic items and hand items to me. We would sit there and talk about everything; She would ask, "how's life?" or "what would you like to be when you grow up?" I, of course, told her all of my hopes and dreams.

I fell in love with my grandmother on that visit and wished that she could live with us forever, but her visit had ended and she had to leave.

Time went by and we moved to Arkansas, I saw my grandmother again when I was sixteen; she came to visit us on the farm. We got along great it was as if we had never been apart. She asked me if I would like to come visit her in California, of course I said yes! My grandmother sent tickets for a Greyhound Bus ride and a month's stay. So after school was out, I boarded the bus, and off I went to the "Golden State." My trip that summer to visit just made us closer. We went to San Francisco and all of the sites...